Our Half-Year Report

Published: 17/11/2021

We're pleased to share with you our Half-Year Report 2021/22 which has just been published. 

Key income and expenditure (unaudited) half-year highlights are as follows:

  • Turnover: £32.1m (half year 2020: £32.3m)
  • Operating costs: £20.9m (half year 2020: £17.8m)
  • Operating surplus (inc: asset sales) £11.2m (half year 2020: £11.5m)
  • Surplus after tax for period: £7.6m (half year 2020: £8.5m)
  • Operating margin: 35% (half year 2020: 36%)
  • Capital spend: £14.1m (half year 2020: £12.1m)

We also retained our A+ (stable) S&P Credit Rating in June 2021.


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