RHP named a Top 30 Sustainable Housing provider

Published: 21/06/2021

RHP has placed within Housing Digital’s inaugural ‘Top 30 Sustainable Housing providers’ list. RHP shared with Housing Digital that sustainability is not an option for us, it’s absolutely essential and runs throughout our whole strategy.

Key highlights of what we’ve been able to deliver already includes:

  • Leading the way in exploring Modular construction with our LaunchPod product which we prototyped back in 2017. These methods are proven to reduce construction sight and sound pollution.
  • We’ve been early adopters for green enhancing features within our homes such as ‘MVHR units.’
  • Our headquarters have received a ‘BREEAM excellent’ rating since it was built a decade ago.
  • We’ve introduced SMART technology to our homes. Like all companies though, we know that we need to dial up the sustainability volume. This has led us to our ambition to be net-zero, or as close to being net-zero as possible by 2030. In the process we’re optimistic that our customers will be gaining environmental and financial benefits due to the new green energy systems we’ll be putting in place. That’s what great practice sustainability means to us.

Looking ahead, we want to achieve net-zero, or as close to as possible within the next 10 years. Our specially created ‘Project 2030’ taskforce will be working towards key sustainability milestones to help us achieve this goal.

One of the judges commented about our approach: “Ambitious opening statement to be net zero by 2030 is admirable. There are some good initiatives mentioned, and some good work going on to pilot innovative SMART home devices.”

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