Online repairs tool FAQs

Published: 31/01/2024

From 1 February our improved repairs online tool will be available to you through your RHP online account via our website.

What changes have been made to the online repairs tool?

We’ve reviewed repairs online to improve its usability, getting feedback from customers to make sure it’s quick and easy to use. The improvements we’ve made include:

  • filtering options to help you pick the specific repair you need. This will help you request the right repair and help us find the right person with the right tools to do the job.
  • reviewed the language to make sure everything is clear and easy to follow
  • self-help videos for repairs that are your responsibility, so you can get it sorted quickly yourself

What can I use the tool for?

Through booking repairs online, you can:

  • request a repair for routine jobs
  • request, change, and cancel appointments
  • view the repairs you’ve requested online
  • view two years’ worth of repairs history
  • watch ‘how-to’ videos for common repairs that are your responsibility

We’ll be making further enhancements to the tool in the coming months.

What do I need to call RHP for?

You should call us for help with:

  • emergencies
  • gas, heating, and hot water issues
  • damp & mould queries (if you're experiencing mould, please call us right away to make our dedicated damp & mould team aware)
  • updates on repairs you’ve already told us about: requesting them online would cause a duplicate in our system and will not provide you with the help you need
  • arranging follow-up work

If you need special assistance with a repair that is your responsibility or one that doesn’t appear online, please call us instead of opting for the closest option.

How can I access repairs online? 

You can access repairs online at any time, on any internet-connected device (including a mobile phone), through your RHP online account. Once logged in, you’ll need to click on ‘home repairs’ or ‘communal repairs’, depending on what you need.

You can set up an online account by visiting: Sign up

What appointment slots will be available? 

You'll be able to request either an AM or PM slot, so you won’t need to wait at home for the whole day.

Where available, Saturday morning slots will also be an option.

What if I can’t find an available appointment?

The online service will display appointment availability for the requested repair within the agreed timeframe. If you don't find a suitable appointment, you can still request a repair online. Simply click the 'no suitable appointments' button, and the repair request will be directly handled by our repairs team, who will contact you to arrange it over the phone.

What if I can’t find the repair I need in the drop-down list?

If you can't see the repair you need listed, please contact our customer services team, as it means it's not available for online request. Choosing the closest alternative will result in the request being rejected.

What can I expect when I request a repair?

We aim to confirm your repair within two working days by text message. In some instances, we might need to call you to discuss your request in more detail.

Will you ever need to change the appointment slot I select online?

When you choose your preferred appointment slot from the available options, we’ll review your request and reserve it in the operative's schedule. At times, we may need to prioritise other tasks such as unscheduled emergencies. If this is the case, we’ll send you text message to let you know.

How have customers shaped the development of the tool?

We've gathered valuable insights from customers throughout the development and testing of our online repairs tool.

Is the tool accessible?

The tool can be translated and read aloud through accessibility software, which can be downloaded through your browser, if you'd prefer not to communicate over the phone. We've also used straightforward, easy-to-understand language and included more visual content.

What repairs are RHP responsible for?

We are responsible for repairs to:   

  • kitchen units, worktops, kitchen taps, wall tiles & vinyl floor coverings
  • baths, basins, toilets, showers, bathroom taps, wall tiles & vinyl floor covering
  • internal and external doors, including fire doors
  • window frames, handles, hinges & misted double-glazed windows
  • heating & hot water systems, including gas, electrical and non-standard systems 
  • leaks to roofs, service pipes, rainwater pipes, and gutters
  • drainage systems and clearance of blocked internal and external
  • electrical supply, electrical fittings, and mains powered smoke alarms
  • building structure including roofs, walls, floors, staircases & balconies
  • defective wall and ceiling finishes
  • disability aids and adaptations
  • garages attached to homes, and garages within blocks
  • boundary and dividing walls, fences, gates, and hard landscaping
  • communal repairs to blocks and estates

What repairs am I responsible for? (Tenant)

Tenants are responsible for the following repairs:

  • repairs to wall and ceiling finishes (minor repairs including filling holes and hairline cracks)
  • redecoration
  • replacing plugs and chains
  • clearing minor blockages to sinks, basins, baths, toilets, showers
  • replacing shower heads, rails, or curtains
  • replacing standard light bulbs
  • replacing toilet seats, bathroom accessories, curtain rails
  • maintaining private gardens & repairing garden sheds
  • replacing lost door or window keys
  • gaining entry due to lost or forgotten door keys
  • repairing any accidental or intentional damage caused by you or visitors to your home
  • repair or replacing floor coverings outside of the kitchen and bathroom  
  • replacing batteries in smoke detectors
  • cleaning and treating minor mould growth
  • bleeding radiators
  • topping up boiler pressure

What repairs am I responsible for? (Homeowner)

Homeowners are responsible for the following repairs:

  • repairs inside your home that are not connected to a communal system
  • repair or replacement of the flat door
  • glazing repairs

We are responsible for communal repairs, repairs to the building structure, and repairs to homeowner window frames.

How can I arrange a gas servicing appointment?   

Smith & Byford will send you a letter providing details and an appointment date when your annual gas service is due. If the suggested date is not convenient, instructions on how to reschedule will be included in the letter.

How can I arrange an electrical check?   

Smith & Byford will notify you when your electrical test is due. If the suggested date is not convenient, feel free to contact Smith & Byford to reschedule.


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