Recycling garden leaves

Published: 29/09/2023

Once leaves fall to the ground, many gardeners see them as a mess to be removed. However, it's usually best to leave them in place. 

This autumn, when the leaves fall onto your communal lawn, we'll save them from landfill by mulching them with a special mower, and leaving them where they are. Feeding the lawn with leaf mulch has several benefits for the garden:

  • Mulched leaves are a lot easier for earthworms and microorganisms to decompose, turning them into organic matter that will fertilise your lawn in the winter months.
  • Leaf litter creates a great barrier, preventing weeds and other grasses from growing, and acts as insulation for plants, animals, and insects.
  • Mulch will help to preserve soil from erosion, and reduces water lost through evaporation.
  • Mulched leaves have a beneficial effect on the quality and colour of the lawn. 
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